Brianna O'Leary - Hobby Photographer

Photography is something I have always had an interest in, but did not always have the budget to really indulge in it. I started with a 110 camera as a child, and today I shoot with both a DSLR as well as several film cameras that I collect. I have started developing my own film, and hope to build a darkroom in my house one day. My goal is to continue refining my craft, then have it as a full-time hobby upon retirement. Although that is a ways away!


I was born in the mid-80's in Indiana. My interest for photography was first ignited by my grandfather. He always had a love for cameras, but did not have the time to invest beyond casual family photos. For many years, I was unable to immerse myself into photography as it was cost prohibitive, until I purchased a Kodak Z740 point and shoot. Shortly after graduating college in 2012, I finally purchased my first DSLR. That began my deep descent in to the photography world.


At four years-old, my grandfather let me take pictures with his Polaroid instant camera, which at the time I thought was magic. Film and development was costly even 30 years ago, so this was really something special. After that, I kept asking if we could take pictures with the Polaroid, so he purchased a hot pink, 110 camera for me. I used that camera through my high school years.

My sophomore year signaled affordable digital cameras in the consumer market. Although the photos were very poor quality, it started to ignite that old passion that was dampened by the cost of film development. During my college years, I finally upgraded to a Kodak Z740 point and shoot, which reminded me of how much I love taking photos.

I purchased my first DSLR after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Technology. I practiced with that camera learning the finer workings of photography and manual settings for four years. Then my mother gave me my grandfather's old 1946 Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20. After running a roll of film through it, I was hooked on analog photography again almost 20 years after his death.

Now, I have several film cameras including SLRs, medium format, and instant cameras. I have even started developing my own film at home. While I have a love for analog, I will still be a hybrid shooter.

This website houses photos from when I first began shooting with my Kodak Z740 to today, and displays the progress I am making through the learning process.

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